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Felaryan Dawn
Ch 3

The hanger was alive with the activity of pre-war spirit. The vehicles and battle machines were given last minute adjustments and weapons loaded or recharged. Ian carried a rail gun over his shoulder and was taking it to the APC he was assigned to. He was grateful the energy cannon only weighed 400lbs, the other models weighed close to a metric ton. In route to the APC, Ian passed one of the most feared battle machines in the entire Spetznetian military: the Frankenstein mk3 combat mech. Equipped with missiles, magnetic charger cannon, artillery grade cannon, and close combat. "Damn, wish they'd let me pilot one of those."

Fantasies aside, the APC is still a formidable vehicle. The massive metal behemoth can carry 50 fully armed Spetznetian soldiers not including the crew. It is a treaded vehicle with four sets positioned in equilateral triangles that can rotate on a center axis allowing the tank to climb over obstacles. Of the seven turrets on it, Ian operates the top one.
Ian set the rail gun down next to the APC and climbed one of the treads to reach his turret. Settling in, he plugged in to the computer to run a diagnostic on the systems. Outside, the others finished with the repairs and cleared the area of tools.

"c'mon, finish damn it!" he thought, "they're gonna sound for departure soon!"

The ship wide com activated with a buzz, then the voice of Commander Ilgo leaked out, "ladays an'  ge'antlemen, pre'pare ta mobilize an' pro' ceed ta th' por'tals."

"Fucking Cajun zombie." Ian muttered under his breath.

Commander Ilgo. At 9'-4" Ilgo is tall even for Spetznetian standards. Pale gray skin, unnaturally thin and angular body, no hair aside from a thin moustache, and he speaks with a drawn-out southern accent. Other than that, nobody knows anything about Ilgo and no one would dare try to look. Ilgos distinct ocular gear can be depicted as retro mad scientist goggles, which add to his already creepy presence. High cheek bones and sunken features describe his face that holds an ever present scowl with which he commands the ground forces of the Celestial Harbinger.

Ian hates Ilgo with a vengeance. He's creepy, arrogant, and seems to have held his position since the dawn of times mother. Ilgo lacks the ideals of a Spetznetian and some believe him to not even be Spetznetian. And so, Ian commits clandestine actions of sabotage aimed at making Ilgo fail in the eyes of High Command.

But enough of Ilgo, Ian only has to focus now on his training and kill count. He straps in to the seat as the metal monster roars to life and begins a steady speed to its objective. Stopping at a loading dock, the APC opens to allow the access of troops armed for the jungle warfare.  All clear and the fierce machine continued on to the portals. The portals are basically a round window with a ramp leading to the vortex framed within the structure. The vortex was now stable and showed the image of Felarya. It looks like a door, practically a two-dimensional object containing a three-dimensional world. The APC positioned on a direct course for portal six. It picked up speed in order to prevent any congestion on the other side, simultaneously; a particular rock song began to play through-out the armored carrier.

"How fitting." Ian said with a hint of excitement.

The new world drew closer as the intro played. When the APC tore out of the portal and into the dense foliage, the lyrics began, "welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games!" The carrier plowed through the dense undergrowth reducing all plant matter to mush and with a smack and a lurch, the pilot commented, "hey I think we may have hit something. Heheheh."

"Contacts! 360 degrees, 70m out, 30 count, and target ID. . . . . .kensha confirmed!"

"Roger that, Lawrence. Gunners! Lock and load!" replied the pilot.

"heeeelllll yeah!" Ian exclaimed and brought the gun to bear on the first beast that attacked.

BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM! "DIE MOTHER FUCKERS! HAHHAAHAHAHAHAH!" the first kensha was ripped in half from the gun fire it dove into and Ian fired on the others that came in sight. The APC continued its journey, turrets blazing a path of destruction and mutilated kensha corpses in its wake. Ian could see fleeting glimpses of other vehicles rampaging through the thick jungle, the roar of powerful engines and the steady thud of mechs. Cries of bloodlust and terror rang between the trees. The last kensha made the mistake of jumping in front of the APC and was impaled on the prow. The metal stained from the gore.

"weee-hooo! Look 'it 'em run! The lil' pansies."

"Where are the big ones? I wanna fill one full of lead!"

"Focus boys. No screw ups."

"this ess Commander Ilgo, no la'ge pred-ators in this here vicinity so troops are or'dered ta co-mence th' ground a'ssualt. Disembark nayow."

The APC came to a stop and unloaded the troops.

"M'clintock," the pilot called, "your new orders are to proceed with the company as chief specialist, since you know so much on how the bigger ones tick."

"Affirmative." Ian replied.

He hopped out and down the side to the ground and grabbed his gear and machine gun. Then he formed up with the rest of the company.

"Loose formation. Company forward!" the captain yelled.

They worked their way through the thick underbrush that wound around the base of the trees. Between the shouts, gun fire, and machines nature attempted to continue on as usual with the sounds of birds and small creatures scampering about trying to survive in such a harsh world. Ian walked silently in the jungle admiring the massive trees and many strange forms of life. Being designed as the perfect soldier didn't mean he couldn't be fascinated by the beauty of the world around him. Felarya definitely captivated Ian with its wonders and natural splendor as he is accustomed to the cold recesses of space. One can only envy him as he strides around the jungle so calmly with nothing to fear of the dangers of this world.

He just passed through a thicket when a blip appeared on his radar and a strange tingling sensation crept up his spine. Whirling around, he comes face to face with a tiny 4in tall girl. She had pinkish skin and purplish hair as well as a set of delicate wings. She's naked as well. Only a look of confusion set her face and she began to grow to Ian's height.  He feels the tingle again but still nothing happens. The winged girl just stares at him, baffled. Then Ian realizes what she was trying to do. Shrink him.
This does not do well with the young Spetznetian and fast as lightning he kicks her legs out from under her, before she hits the ground he rips off the wings then elbow smashes her chest to the ground. He holds out his hand just as his gun lands in it.

Silent tears trickle down her cheeks; her eyes stare up in disbelief at the boy who remained unaffected by her size changing magic. And now, she was at his mercy.

Unfortunately, Ian is not usually the merciful type and promptly orders the fairy to her feet, "hands and back against the tree you whore!" She complies, then makes the worst mistake of her life, "p-please d-don't hurt m-me." The fairy squeaks.

Ian holds his gun nonchalantly and keeps a blank stare at the fairy. The silence and atmosphere of the moment are too much for the young fairy to bear. Ian slips a sly smile at the captive predator and finally replies, "only if you weren't such a pathetic creature."
The gun snapped up and a barrage of 60cal. bullets erupted from the barrel at a firing rate like that of an MG42. He laughed maniacally as the bullets tore huge chunks of flesh out of her body exposing the bones. He only stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Ian lowers the steaming gun and turns to see the captain grinning like a mad man at the cadaver.

"Nice work M'clintock. Haha. You did good boy!" he patted Ian's shoulder and walked off.

Ian followed and looked back at his handy work: the abdomen was gone as well as parts of the chest and half the head. Organs and body fluids leaked down from the chest cavity onto what was left of the lap. Not much was left to determine what it was, only that it was once alive.

A little ways on, the company was stopped by a convoy of hunter trucks and in the lead was Ilgo himself.

"git e'in. a la'ge ta'get lies jus' south 'o here. Ah want it." He ordered.

They quickly mount a transport truck and head off in the direction of the target. The captain read the computer in the truck and looked to Ian, "looks like your skills will be needed after all. It's a naga."

_   _  _  _  _  _

Myla slithered between the trees enjoying the presence of nature around her. She only wishes she could share it with someone else. The little explorations she took every day were just her "friend" quests. A growl emanated from her middle reminding her that breakfast was long gone.
"Sometimes I wish I wasn't so big." She said to no one in particular.
As if to answer her stomach, Myla sensed a large mass of prey coming closer. Slightly frightened by this strange occurrence, she remained still. This was replaced soon as animals bounded out and about completely ignoring her.

"Wow! This is lucky!" she exclaimed.

Carelessly tossing prey into her gaping maw, she was completely unaware of the danger that pursued this feast. After a fifth catch, Myla could distinctly hear human vehicles in the distance, rapidly approaching. Overcome by her curiosity, she stealthily moves to investigate the source of the noise. She soon discovered that it was probably better if she had left this alone. Several nasty looking armored vehicles navigated over the difficult terrain, armed to the grills and bristling with exotic weaponry. Couple that with the incredibly disturbing creature in the lead vehicle, and this is a group you leave alone regardless of one's intentions. Myla decided that this was not a safe place to be, however her caution burned to fear as the vehicles shifted course to her direction, guns opening fire.

chapter 3. this finally gets more into the story plot and its only gonna get bigger from here.

felarya is :iconkarbo:

the song belongs to guns n' roses

everything else is mine!:iconastrozombie241:
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lordmep Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Well that's pretty damn awesome. The power and organization of this military force is certainly impressive, disregarding a few grammer issues.
Although, I must wonder where all this takes place. I'd like to know where they are in relation to my own characters.
astrozombie241 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
thanks! the grammar is simply how some of them talk. and as to the setting, i didn't want to mess with anyone's characters or plots by introducing the Spetznetian Syndicate to felarya and just ruining everything, so i set this 4 years(reletive to felarya) before the construction of Ur-Sagol. i explain it a bit in my preview chapter called "they are coming". i'd give you a link for easy access but i don't know how:cry:
lordmep Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Before Ur-Sagol!? Damn. That's commitment right there. I just set up shop north of the main Felarya map. Although it is a pity. Based on this chapter alone, I was considering our main characters meeting.
astrozombie241 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
well, i am considering sending my characters to the present somehow, Ian has all that dimensional tech so he could develop a time machine. plus there are two more characters i want to add and they'll definitely add a new sense to the plot. i want to put them in the present for when i get better at writing.
lordmep Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Good strategy. Please give my A Tail of Felarya series a read and get back to me on the potential crossover.
astrozombie241 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
no prob! i look forward to it!
lordmep Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Me too. Please leave comments where appropriate.
astrozombie241 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
all-righty then
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